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Thank you for your interest in Puche Dental Laboratory. We are pleased to introduce you to our laboratory services. We know that rapid advances in dental technology make the selection of a dental laboratory more important than ever. At Puche Dental Laboratory we are proud to offer you over 30 years of quality service to the profession. Our commitment is to offer a full line of prosthesis, equipment and services.

Our full service dental laboratory in Torrance, CA., provides you with the most advance technical innovations, the finest materials available, superior artistry and exceptional restorations with correct fit and shading time after time.

We understand that the right dental laboratory will create satisfied patients who will recommend your practice to their family and friends. With the increasing demands for complex procedures and products, our staff stays up to date with the latest products and techniques such as: FRS Flexible Partials, Vitallium Partials, Eclipse Prosthetis, Suction Cup Dentures, Talon Nightguards, Valplast Partials and so much more.

Dental technology is a life’s passion to serve humanity. It gravitates to only those with a spirit for innovation. Those with desire, imagination, and confidence. We are artists, like Michelangelo, painting our very own Sistine Chapel, creating a smile with every brush stroke. We are sculptors, carving “David” out of soft stone, creating life in a smile with every slice from our carver. We stand together and inspire each other to create our very own master piece. Because every new smile created brings life and meaning to all of us.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with your laboratory services by maintaining consistent communication and providing you with the finest restoration possible. Whether you prescribe a fixed, removable or combined work order, you’ll receive the skilled service that supports your practice.

Join us today! Let us be a part of your professional team. Contact Puche Dental Lab today!