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Lucitone FRS Flexible Partials allow you to offer your patients a strong partial without metal clasps. This flexible resin system is stronger, more stain resistant, and less likely to fracture than similar systems in the past. These flexible partials are processed using the Success Injection System that insures great accuracy. Being a thermo-plastic material that has great adjustment characteristics, and can have clear clasp, provides your patients with a strong, adjustable, and flexible partial. Prescribe Lucitone FRS Flexible Partials today!

Benefits include:

  • Easy to grind and polish
  • Monemer and metal free
  • Easy chairside adjustments
  • Injected with Success for proven accuracy
  • Clear clasps; no more matching tooth shades
  • Lucitone 199 shades plus clear makes it easy to match existing denture
  • Better impact and stain resistance compared to Valplast and Flexite Supreme

Download the product information .PDF file by clicking the link below.

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Flexible Partials by Puche Dental Lab